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Jakarta Cricket Association

Despite cricket’s lack of exposure among local Indonesians, cricket enthusiasts have kept this sport alive through the Jakarta Cricket Association (the JCA), which is managed by expatriate volunteers who live in Jakarta.


The JCA has 12 cricket clubs based in and around Jakarta. These clubs were formed mainly by expatriate players of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages with varied levels of experience in playing cricket in their home nations. For the first time in 2008 a fully Indonesian managed club, the Jakarta Globe Tigers Cricket Club, took part in the league.


The JCA organises the annual JCA league with 12 teams playing in it. The League runs for about nine months from August until May, with each season culminating ith the popular JCA annual gala dinner and awards night. The dinner always attracts high profile guest speakers which have in the past included Sir Richard Hadlee, Vivan Richards, Ian Botham, Kapil Dev, Geoff (Henry) Lawson, Sunil Gavaskar, Dean Hones, Rodney Hogg, Zaheer Abbas, Ken Rutherford and Alan Wilkins.


The JCA also organise the Jakarta International Sixes tournament which attracts overseas teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China and the Philippines. Teams from the JCA have also participated in several tournaments in southeast Asia.


JCA Members Clubs

Senayan Cricket Club

Jakarta Globe Tigers Cricket Club

Ceylon Cricket Club

Rebels Cricket Club

Bogor Cricket Club

Challengers Cricket Club

WISCI Cricket Club

Gandhi Memorial International School

Indorama Cricket Club

India XI Cricket Club

Menara Cricket Club



Cricket Bali


Cricket Bali (CB) was a pioneer for cricket development in Indonesia and is one of the founding members of Cricket Indonesia along with the Jakarta Cricket Association.


Cricket Bali is made up of 5 clubs in and around Denpasar. Most of the clubs are managed solely by Indonesian players including the Udayana Cricket Club which was the first permanent cricket club in Indonesia and boasts a long list of former and current national team representatives on its player roster.


Cricket Bali organises the annual Bali Cricket League with 5 teams playing in it. CB also organises the Bali International Sixes tournament every year on the Easter weekend which attracts both teams from overseas and local teams from all over Indonesia.


Cricket Bali hass an excellent junior cicket development program and organises coaching camps with the help of Cricket Indonesia. CB is actively involved in developing the game among Indonesian school schools in Jimbaran, Gianyar, Badung and other areas of Bali.

Cricket Bali also organises junior and senior tournaments for schools and adults including:

  • Primary schools soft ball tournaments in 3 kabupatens (Badung, Denpasar and Gianyar)
  • The ICC Secondary Schools Cup (presented by Tim Anderson in 2003)
  • The Dick 63 Veterinary Cup for adult kabupaten teams


CB Member Clubs

Bali International Cricket Club

Udayana Cricket Club

Red Ants Cricket Club

Geckos Cricket Club

West End Cricket Club


Bogor Cricket Association


Bogor Cricket Assocation (BCA) became a member of Cricket Indonesia in 2006. Bogor Cricket Association organises the annual Bogor Junior Schools tournament.


In 2009 the Bogor under 15 boys team were the inagurual winners of the Ultra Milk Under 15 National Championships and several players from that team were selected to be part of the national under 15 team which took part in the Pepsi ICC EAP Under 15 Cricket 8's Trophy which was hosted by Cricket Indonesia in July 2009.



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Flores Cricket Association


The Flores Cricket Association (FCA) was formed in 2004 with a base at the Labuan Bajo Tourist Training School. The association developed without an ICC trained coach and since 2004 has held an international hard ball eleven-a-side T20 tournament which is the first of its kind in Indonesia.


In 2006 a formal cricket club, the Komodo Cricket Club, was established with a club house at the Bajo Komodo Ecolodge. This is a great base for national and international players to play cricket and enjoy a great holiday viewing Komodo dragons or going diving and snorkelling.


The development of cricket in Kabupaten West Manggerai followed the CI ten point training program and this was given a boost by the Ultra Milk under 15 junior development program in 2008 and 2009. The FCA has spread the game 120km inland to Ruteng where two secondary schools have started playing cricket.


Sponsors of FCA include Ecolodges Indonesia, the INI RADEF Foundation, Indonesia Air Transport, Bintang Hotel Group, Reef Seekers, Swiss Contact, Hotel Golo, Dive Komodo and the Nature Conservancy.



AUSCI (Association of Umpires and Scorers of Cricket Indonesia)



AUSCI was formed on 29 July 2008 by a small group of cricket officials in Indonesia. The association elected Shahul Hameed, an ICC umpire from Indonesia, as president and Mr Sreejith Chalakkal as secretary.


The objective of the association is to:

  • provide at least one umpire for any tournament across Indonesia upon request from Cricket Indonesia or any members association of CI
  • to develop and improve the umpiring and scoring standards in Indonesia
  • to provide impartial and quality officials for all official cricket matches in Indonesia

The association shall work under the following guidelines:

  • The official commencement of AUSCI services shall be in place on commencement of the JCA cricket league for 2008-09.
  • AUSCI shall provide empanelled umpiring officials a kid including a uniform.

 AUSCI aims to achieve the following 10 point development program

  1. Overall development of umpiring and scoring official standards in Indonesia.
  2. Development of umpiring officials in Bali.
  3. Provide technical committee support to CI and the JCA.
  4. Responsible for providing technical advice to the JCA in development and implementation of all official rules related to the JCA league.
  5. Develop a captains' handbook with playing rules related to the JCA league
  6. Ensure a turnaround of no more than 3 working days for all technical issues related to matches
  7. Prepare match reports
  8. Develop a captains' feedback form
  9. Ensure AUSCI receives captains' feedback forms no more than 3 days after the completion of matches
  10. Develop an umpire ranking system to produce better quality umpires that are of international standard

Currently AUSCI's panel of umpires only has umpires from the Jakarta and Bogor regions. Through new umpiring courses AUSCI hopes to have representation from other member associations as well.


AUSCI Panel of Umpires for 2008-09rolex replica, replica rolex

  • Shahul Hameed
  • Subramaniyan Gopalakrishnan
  • Suresh Subramanian
  • Sreejith Chalakkal
  • Geoff Howse
  • Asif Ali
  • Anwar Pasha
  • Fahim

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